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Foam Type

From mattress toppers to industrial foam for packing and sound absorption, A-1 Foam & Upholstery has the high-quality products you need. Create custom cushions for your home or business in Bloomington, MN, with cut-to-size foam products based on your preferences.
Versatile Foam Products

We carry an assortment of top-quality foams that can be used for many residential and commercial purposes. We have foam that works great for acoustic paneling to reduce noise and control sound in different environments; foam that can be used for sound absorption purposes in spaces such as recording studios or restaurants where outside sound needs to be minimized or eliminated; and packing foam that can be cut into custom shapes and sizes.
Our selection of foam products includes:

  • Polyflex beaded polyurethane foam
  • Extruded polyurethane foam in black or white
  • Cross-linked polyurethane foam
  • Blended neoprene-based foam rubber
  • Polyester fiber.

High-Quality Foam

A-1 Foam & Upholstery is the only name you need to know when quality matters. Our extensive product knowledge means that you'll get the type of foam that's best for your intended purposes. We add to your convenience by offering pick-up and delivery service throughout the Bloomington area. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to convenient hours and flexible payment options. Call today to get started with a free estimate.
Memory Foam

Memory foam is a type of specialty foam originally developed by NASA and often preferred for use in mattress toppers or pillows. While all of our memory foam products are designed for maximum durability and comfort, our 41b memory foam is an excellent choice if you prefer extra support and durability. Our memory foam products are available in various sizes and firmness levels ranging from soft to supportive.

Open Cell Foams (Polyurethanes)


2500 - Standard Weight: 1.25 lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 36
Light or occasional use. Ideal for cushions in the cabin or fish house.

4900 - Firm Weight: 2.6lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 90
Recommended for dining room seats, benches & office chairs. This foam has a combination of high density and extra firmness making it ideal for low profile seating.

5250 - High Density Weight: 1.8lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 34
Good foam for moderate use. This foam is found in the cushions of most new furniture.

9500 - High Resiliency Weight: 2.7 lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 30
Better foam for moderate to regular everyday use. This is a great value for a high quality foam.

9600 - High Resiliency Weight: 3.1lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 33
Best foam for heavy, everyday use. This is the most durable, comfortable foam we sell. Manufacturers rarely, if ever put this quality of foam in new furniture.